The Life We Live In!

What does it mean to die? And if we will die, what’s after?

And what can prove that what we have now isn’t a dream and dying is actually waking up in the real life.
Sometimes we dream dreams that feel so alive and true and while dreaming we can’t tell if it’s a dream compared to what we feel after waking up , so Does this life -while we are awake- considered to be the real life just because we think we spend longer time in it?
What if this is not true and the other one the one we consider a dream is the real one and we spend there the same amount of time we spend in this life it’s just our minds deny it and above its realization because of the limitations of our capabilities that we keep pushing inside our conscious since the day we came into this world

And if all this is true which is better this life or the one after dying ? The only way to find out is by dying, but until then lets watch this one very closely live every moment of it be careful with the choices we will have so we will be able to compare it fairly with the other life.


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 28, 2014.

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