Don’t need to be saved

My eyes are adjusted to the dark
Soaked in rain splashing water in every step
Doesn’t matter in which direction I walk
I always end up at the same place
Always follow the rules but life is always cheating
I get so tiered I just melt into any wet wall

People laugh at me trying to make me feel bad
Not sure though if I should feel offended
Long time since I saw anyone’s laughing anyway
But I check the mirror when I get the chance
My memories are blurry so just in case
I check If I’m wearing a clown make up

Maybe it’s a sin I did in another life
Maybe sins I will do in the future
Maybe sins I’m denying
Maybe they are sins I don’t remember
And maybe this is just how life looks like
So I don’t need to be saved

It’s alright, Nobody looks happy anyway
It’s alright, maybe you have to learn something
It’s alright maybe it’s just a bad dream
I’m sick of it but trying to stay faithful
or this is just another form of denial

it is the way it is even if I don’t like it
And I got used to it, it’s kinda my taste
I will pretend that I have a purpose
It’s different though because I’m not one of you
It’s either to accept it or stay lost forever
Zombies do exist but they look like me


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 4, 2014.

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