Good Vs. Evil

Good and evil are variables of time 

If there was only good or only evil the world would have been static, only 3 dimensional , only 3D representations of things that could move only if there was good versus evil 

The battles the fights create sorrow, revenge, grief along with new colors new shapes new needs new feelings new hopes and new dreams 

Only good doesn’t work, doesn’t produce new creations and inventions, only good is pointless, boring and not exciting, only good is mono, is one directional. Only good is a steady state, only good is action without a reaction, only good means smiling without happiness, means only one facial expression, how can you measure things if there’s no variations starts with good and ends with evil?

So all that assures that the existence of evil is essential! So the question now why not be the essential factor that is the reason of making this would keep moving forward! Why not be evil?

And if that evil is essential and we need it to recognize the good, why we punish it?! 

See! actually there’s no good and evil and this discrimination is set by humans to satisfy their needs of having control! So they reward the good and punish the evil, I say that because the evil acts are good in the evils’ minds and stay evil in the goods’ minds , so what is the criteria we use to define good and evil? Even if there is a criteria like a religion or something it will not work unless all the people use the same criteria and this is impossible and that only means that there will be a war between “good” and “evil” forever!

So what am I supposed to do now am I suppose not to fight what I judge as an evil? Yes you have to fight it but before that you need to understand it at least try to, to reach the core of that conflict between good and evil in that point and eliminate it to go take care of another point, See! Because what counts is your care and intention toward the community that have both good and evil and not proving yourself as a good or your opponent as an evil, the point is not the discrimination itself but the causes of these differences you both have, the point is not to feel good that you are on the good side but to feel bad that you all are not on the same side….that’s what counts. 


~ by Abdurhman Issa on May 22, 2014.

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