Happy birthday

I totally forgot that today is my birthday though I was waiting for that day to make new decisions for the new year as always, and one more thing, I honestly don’t know how many years I am 26, 27, 28 years old one of those I need to check.


A wise man once said to me “you can’t live with a culture in a different culture” and he meant that I have a different culture other than the Egyptian one and it not right to think this way while I live among people with different culture than me.


That was in the middle of a discussion and an argument we were having -me and that wise man- but only this culture statement what stuck in my mind and I thought about it for few days if it’s right or wrong and here what I think.


I don’t think that those are two different cultures I think that the oriental and the western- everything is developing even thought and thinking patterns, and that what happened as in the oriental culture they still in the denial and superstitious believes , the other have passed it and they are more honest more aware of their behaviors and feeling , so what I think is the one is the advanced version of the other , and also I think that the oriental culture is progressing slowly, as they still lots of distraction yet to be aware of the true and the reality, every time I hear or read the term doublethink I get fully convinced that all Egyptians are double thinking and I don’t need to persuade you, all you need is to listen to any of them.


Anyway this is my birthday and my plans are very simple: detach more, and to go somewhere inspiring this year .


~ by Abdurhman Issa on April 30, 2014.

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