The missing truth

Something is missing, I don’t know what is it, I have idea what it should be, all I know is it is missing.


And I know that I lost it, I used to know it one day, maybe in early this life or the life I used to have before this life.

Lots of distractions could make you forget that past, nowadays this can even make you forget your own name, it’s crazy when people claim to have the most peaceful religion of all religions and at the same time they are the most violent of them all, that doesn’t prove that the religion is false, it only proves that life can deceive you, trick you so easily into infinite temptations.

 All this has been associated with the definition of truth, one thing we all should have a unified definition for, I admit it I am angry, most of the time, but it’s only because I realized that I have been living in a big lie, all people are speaking, sometime they don’t know and made things up, sometimes they want to impress someone, sometimes, they lie and they know it, sometimes they lie and they are not aware of it, sometimes they lie thinking it’s for the best, sometimes it’s a defense system because of parents instructions in the childhood, sometimes to sell something, sometimes to spread a rumor, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes they just repeating what they heard, sometimes because they are afraid, sometimes for propaganda, and rarely they truth is being said, sometimes because it’s easier to lie, sometimes for greed, and sometimes because the truth hurts, the truth is ugly, so it’s better to keep it denied.

So what the life worth when it is full of lies the it became a big lie itself.

Something is missing and I lost it between all these lies between cultures and beliefs and between selfish interests,  and since I have no control over the life and the people, I can’t guarantee that I’m going to find that missing thing. So what is the point? A life without the truth is a life not worth living.

 But I will keep looking as Life keeps promising me that it will be missing forever, and I’d rather die by something other than my own hands. I already know that it’s easier said than done to hang on faith, even if I lost that too, I will keep moving and thinking,

 at least then I will have nothing else to lose…


~ by Abdurhman Issa on April 27, 2014.

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