Pigeon Superstition

I don’t know how it started! Am I related to Skinner in blood and genes am I one of his grand kids, did it happened in front of me several times till it stuck in my head! What happened that made me already know this ? That when I read about it ,I try to rewind the time so recover all the related thoughts that made me doubt my sanity one day.


At the first it was Kings and queens by 30 second to mars, that made me regain the self-confidence then Alibi in the same album which I spend all the my Army time listening to. Till they released the next album which made me notice Jerad Leto more like his behaviors, thoughts, art, music, then I traced his cinematic career fight club, Lord of wars. Everything is authentic, real match my thought stream, up until I searched him on YouTube watching the interviews. And in one of these interviews he said “I’d rather be grandiose than a mediocre” and it stuck in my head that was last December 2013 so at January 1st 2014 list I wrote (2- Jerad Leto) to remind me of dreams becoming true. Then I went to Egypt for a business trip and there I met my friends and I hang out at an apartment of one of them and we suggested to watch a movie and by coincidence they all suggested to watch Mr. Nobody which I got too excited to watch once I know that it’s a Jared Leto movie and then I heard about the Pigeon superstition in that movie.


A year or two age I have that weird conversation with my friends about money, and how we have it and if we need to look for it and work hard or if we sat down doing nothing we will have the same amount of money and I supported the later, I believed that if I supposed to have a certain amount of money at a certain time we will get it no matter if he wanted or not, it is the same like if we worked really hard for something we might not get it, and sometime the laziest are the richest, that’s why I always thought that thieves are stupid because at the same time they committed the robbery if they were sitting watching TV at hove they would’ve got the same money somehow.


So do our actions and what we think as a result of these actions are related? This is a tough question because it mainly will hit in the religions and if our prayers are heard, then we receive what we asked for!? The opposite to this is Newton’s law every action has a reaction, so if our actions and what we think as a result are not related, what are the reactions to these actions? That’s scary because if this theory is correct if Skinner was right, what will simply make you question every single thing you make , and if you really need to do a certain things to have results, or just wait for results. But that’s not totally correct because there are actions that have results in our everyday life and I wouldn’t be writing this post unless I saw the movie and read about the pigeon superstition! So now, how can we tell the difference between actions and false actions, right and wrong, reality and illusion?


This theory is either right or wrong also, either this is all a lie and Skinner never did these experiments and he just made it up so we have these thoughts and doubt our choices, or there is something bigger than this we need to believe and have faith for, something undoubtable, so clear, unmistakable, so easy make sense out of everyday’ s actions and everyone’s behavior, something big that makes no doubt of the existence of God and having a real deep direct connection with him.


Or simply we are humans not pigeons!!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on February 3, 2014.

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