Liberace is only a distraction!

Oh my God! I just watched behind the candelabra!! and i don’t feel good and I don’t recommend it to any of you unless you like watching naked men fu**ing.

I’m not homophobic or something, but I think that gays are having a psychological problems that need to be solved for them to become straight instead of supporting the homosextualiy

I’m also glad that i watched it because it made me think and realized that me personally would never knew anything about homosexual or bisexual people unless for the movies, which is strange? it is strange how the show business can mess up our minds and make us believe things that ain’t real like being a homosexual is normal!!

ironically in the movie, behind the candelabra, the business interests was in not reveling the homosexuality of Liberace to the audience because back then this was bad for the business, people would rather watch him in weird outfits and strange performances and believe that’s how stars act like , if you looked at it, that’s what the audience wanted to believe, but right before that, that’s what Liberace wanted, and just before that, that what the business runners wanted them to believe.

And in western societies when they have a glamorous evening like Oscars or any other glamorous event and when somebody talk about fighting for gays rights and gay marriage the rest stand up and give him a big applause, while most of them are straight and at night each one of them go home with his or her girlfriend or boyfriend not married! What does this supposed to mean, that marriage, that piece of paper, preserve the rights for gays only and hold a lot of unbearable commitment for straight people, is marriage is becoming a gay thing? Or that’s what we unintentionally let to believe!

All this made me realize something; people believe what they want to believe, right? Most of us are already know that, BUT what I have realized that there are people in the world are taking advantages of it and drive the world to a certain direction, intentionally or maybe not intentionally because i don’t wanna sound like conspiracy theorist.

I wonder how my thoughts would be if I didn’t watch TV or any other media or “entertainment” show!!

I think that business is what keeps running the world and business is also ruining the world,

and this has no end.



~ by Abdurhman Issa on January 20, 2014.

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