I hate Egypt!!

my heart is actually broken, and believe it or not, it’s because they want me to go to Egypt for a meeting!

I don’t wanna sound dramatic but i really don’t wanna go and i feel really bad about it. 

unlike all the Egyptians i don’t have those fake feelings of home sickness and stuff and to be honest i don’t even get how they have those feelings, this place and the people there have treated everyone bad enough to make them get use to it and lower their standards, they are selfish above the normal limits, not caring about right or wrong, fair or unfair, they just wanna feel good feeding their messed up ego self, i can’t even predict and expect actions from Egyptians even in the daily simple actions like taking a cab or going to a mall everyone there is so focused on taking advantages of the other person and to do that they use their uneducated messed up minds they have to decide what advantages and how they plan to use it.

a lot of Egyptian have accepted their reality of getting into the grinding wheels of Egyptian society and consider it a standard way of living, to live in a place where the human soul is the last they care about, no infrastructure, no system can protect you from anything from the many things that can happen to you, and that’s why simply you have to become one of them to be able to survive, to become a greedy bastard, who have multiple standards, who call themselves and be called religious but yet they hate and have grudges and have no problem harm other people. or just pretend to be a Gandhi fan and talk about peace and he is one of those who abuses his own wife and kids. this is how this place is so messed up.

for me ! i don’t like it and i think i deserve to have another place to call a home, a place where i can feel safe a place where hard work be appreciated a place where people are actually smiling 


~ by Abdurhman Issa on January 18, 2014.

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