Everything is on fire all the time

why are you doing what you are doing? and for whom? for yourself, family, country, the whole world? and also why?because you want to? because you understand so?


they say to you "you are a follower to an idea not a person"

but you don’t know the difference.

they say you need to be in a group not to be an easy target

but they don’t want you join any other group


they will make their problems your problems

they will take a good care of you

until you laugh at their jokes cry at their tragedy

they will measure your loyalty

you will prove they didn’t pick you for nothing

they say they want you to feel you fit in

which matches with what you want

but they are the ones who want to fit in


they will fuel you with anger and hatred

toward people you never saw before,

They will show you media where you look like a target

They will convince you that you are in someone else’s plan

they say everything is in danger unless you do so

you don’t do know that you are becoming the danger


religion is a tool to their own need

Till you believe that’s what religions for

you will be unlimited


a master who is able to always make sense

find the adequate justifications

they will love you

you will love them love you


Everything is on fire

Demolished buildings

Dead kids on the side roads

Only war tanks that seems to be alive


the world is a victim

They are victims

And also you are.. but you like it


everything is on fire all the time


they were just like you one day,

Then they let themselves in too…


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 14, 2013.

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