Where is the plan?

blood promises to be poured, streets promise to witness more violence, people just made their first intuitions as their plan to face these promises .. all this without even knowing what anyone wants .. all these efforts are paid because it’s easier than thinking and defining few simple words like freedom, religion, politics, humanity, development, statistics and rumors.

our community is judgmental , and they don’t see it’s a bad thing, absolutely not, it is totally justified. we are already charged enough to easily point at anyone and say he is a terrorist, on the other hand, those who at first was unfair to say that they are terrorist won’t last long in front of all these pointy fingers, they will reach that moment when it will make sense to them to start doing that stuff they’ve been accused to do anyway,I mean, how can anyone stand being accused by everybody that he is a traitor, murderer or a thief when he has nothing to do with it, just few beneficial people created the rumor for one reason and people believed that rumor.

We love super heroes who save the day and the world from bad guys, and sometimes people wish if there are super heroes in real life, but the truth is they will hate them, people only love super heroes because they have the chance the see the bad guys doing the bad things in TV shows or in the movies , but in real live you don’t have that luxury of witnessing everything and that will probably will make people question anything done by the super hero!! so when the bad guys get caught people will defend them, People want to witness everything to realize the those are bad guys and this is a super hero, then the roles of cameras and social networks appears, and this is just a bullshit, anyone can share a picture and say something about it that can trigger other people, I can right now tell several scenarios to whatever picture or video you are sharing , and why in the first place we think that we are in the position of judging ? why we don’t just let the prosecutors, lawyes and real judegs take charge. because we don’t trust them! okay! I believe you I will give myself the right to judge and say there is corruption, So what is the plan? how possibly can you give youself to do and judge as you like ? Do you realise that this means that you give the right also to everybody else to judge you?!!

So, Where is the fucking plan?!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 9, 2013.

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