We are allowed to wish

sometimes I hear people say something like pursue what you don’t have and make your dreams come true, but this statement used to make me feel how materialistic these people are, and to be a better person you have to be content with what you already have at the moment and be present and live in the “now” and stuff like that .

but I realized something else for the first time I see it this way , we are allowed to pray, right! actually we are asked to pray to keep the connection between you and God who only make things happen and make the impossible happens, and this means that we have to ask for the impossible to pray for making it happened we have to wish to dream to seek to pursue things you don’t have at the moment, and not only this but you actually can ask and pursue something seems to be impossible to happen so that only when you ask God makes is a wish and maybe a life purpose.

I used to have a quite easy life, I decide what I want at the nest stage and it happens, and this only means that God want me to have it, so what happened is He made me want what he wants, and this means that sometimes what I want is the same as what God wants.

based on that the plan is easy now, you dream whatever the dream might be, and pray for it to become true, and prepare your self for the responsibility of having this dream to be true…. and that’s it


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 1, 2013.

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