Random thoughts

Just 27 years old guy, insecure, unconfident, but he is a day dreamer

Fantasize himself as a risk taker, a traveler, a snowboarder, not sure of meeting a match good enough to be his life partner  nevertheless he doesn’t think that he deserved to have a life partner.

Living in a country he think it’s a little bit better than his home country but as general it sucks, he thinks he deserve a better place to live in though.

Every time someone asks him what your dream job he always answers the same every time “I want to be a monk” and the people start laughing at him.

He knows that nobody’s perfect and he realize that he is never boon or will be perfect but he think that if he’s going to die anyway he’d better die trying to be perfect.

He is no so good with people when it comes to socializing and everyday arguments but he is a good analyst who know what’s behind the scenes but it’s just can’t get out of his head.

He doesn’t care mostly about individuals how are they thinking? What are their dreams? but he does care about people in general and dream of a global healthy society.

He unconsciously avoid any normal activity because he believes that he is different, have a hidden super power that he doesn’t know yet .

What he is so sure of is that all people die one day, and what he is not so sure of is the purpose of living .


~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 14, 2013.

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