Non-sense arguments

Why people love to arguments and love to prove non sense points, I feels sometimes that they already know that their point is nonsense but they argue anyway because it make them feel in control, capable of arguing, a good speaker who can make a nonsense point seems like a nonsense point.

Why can’t we just go to the basics always? why instead of admitting the wrong actions we do, we argue and say something stupid like ” I saw you did that before” does this make it less wrong!!

Why some people believe only what they say? Even if it’s a lie! And they know initially that it’s a lie until they totally believe that it’s not.

Why if we saw a video of someone killing another one , some of us laugh and others cry and nobody cares about the killing act itself.

Why is it so easy to make fun of other people and so hard to be mocked? Why is it always in your judgment and classifications you are the better person the better human being?




~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 14, 2013.

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