Grave of the Fireflies

An ultimate feeling of oppression covered me that night, the world is divided, people want to laugh, people want help others to laugh, and people want nothing, just to be left alone.
Sometimes you can’t force it, sometime it’s just the society shapes you unconsciously unintentionally and you are just a follower, who ever gives you the attention you need you will follow him.
We all know what’s making the wheels of life spinning, just basic human behaviors like greed, pride, envy, ignorance, the consequences of these behavior will be stealing, bribing, lying, then all actions all events all history, everything is just …false!
Some people will cry some people will laugh and some will live in silence.
Some will try to get out of this false life others will live along with it believe it defend it and spread it!
Then there will be victims, who will stay victims till they realize that they can do better, they deserve better!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 29, 2013.

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