Something is missing!

I have a feeling that something really important is missing, Will it go away if I went to New Zealand?, if I didn’t eat for three straight days? If I swore in public ? If I let myself to love and be loved? If I dyed my hair? If I sung in public? If I recorded a video? If I lived like bad ass? If I didn’t blink my eyes for an hour? If I watched all the Japanese Animes? If I worked so hard that I can’t breath? If I had a tattoo? If I helped another human being? If I visited Jerusalem? If I tried snow boarding? If I composed a music track? If I had a dog? If I hit a police officer? If I permanently deleted my Facebook account? If I visited my grand mother and grand father? If I prayed a lot ? If I got super rich? If I got super poor? If I had a secret super power? If I tried to drink milk? If I started to learn Japanese? If I traveled to attend a Coldplay concert? If I had a huge wide screen TV? If I wrote a book? If I lived in nowhere for couple of years? If I lost my memories? If I had the death note? If I got a driving license? If I bought my mother a big house? If I became a genius? If I made all people to hate me? If I contributes in world peace? If I could choose who to speak with? If I could disappear? If I could go to space? If I finished the book iam reading? If I dived deep in the ocean? If I made a made a difference? ! Will it go away?


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 25, 2013.

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