New assumption, new reaction

If we are in a conflict with some other group or party we argue a lot and fight but we always assume that they know that we are the right side but they just arguing for the sake of arguing OR for the money they get from an unknown hidden mystical organization, this assumption make things worse make no end to that conflict it’s only promises with a long relationship with absolutely nothing changed in any good direction.
So, we don’t we for one time try to assume something different, like they are fighting with us because of incorrect information they know about us, if we assumed that the argument will be different plus their reaction will be different due to our new assumption .
We already sacrificed a lot during this conflict and we really wanted it to end we lost souls, we have friends in jail and also parents , we have nothing more to lose so we can take that risk and assume that new assumption and I believe we will never regret it.


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 8, 2013.

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