Conspiracy!! No it is not

What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.. are not the truth not even by 1% they all are illusions someone else made up to protect himself and the only way to do so is by fear, or so he thought.

Now the question is: Is this statement implying a conspiracy theory in it, or is it just the simple obvious human behavior!

I’ve been hating to think with conspiracy theory in mind because it is a waste, since you have to load all your responsibilities on something mystical enough not to be solved, this is bullshit! even if it’s true, because simply enough what you are doing is you are giving a God power to a group of people! that they can plan for many years in the future and they all come true with no mistakes. this can’t just happen.

that has being said I’m afraid that there is another basic human behavior that have the same result, So here is the scenario you are some guy, you go to have a certain adventure and you take bunch of photos of you then starting to upload these photos to get the “Likes” to grab attention are impress someone, Whatever!! now the guy will look into his photos and he’s gonna pick and of course  he’ll never upload the one where he fell, the one he looked like a camel, and the one where he is hugging another guy!! because he doesn’t want anyone to even have a single thought that he is clumsy, ugly, or gay!! that means that what the guy always publish are only expressing the impression he wants others to have. and I’m not here to judge or say that this is right or wrong! but I need to say that this always happened, intentionally or not, doesn’t matter, this happens in everyday life. this might seem simple and has no harm, okay! maybe! at this level!, but for instant if we projected that on the case in Egypt right now, Egypt now is a mess and the people are divided by two groups and each group are only publishing what he wants to believe and wants other to believe, but is it the truth? not necessarily , it is just an information that he wants the other side to believe, this is also on the governmental scale, they are for sure have interests and they will try to have it, even by misleading everybody and give them false impressions!  So, yeah this is not in particular a conspiracy but it is even worse, can you even imagine a life based on lies?!! So if no body notice that this is happening regularly, we will be in deep shit!

I remember one time I was going to a meeting and on the road I called the people who were expecting us and told them I am coming , and when I got to the factory I called the people and they said that they are in front of the main door and I said I am also in front of the main door, this is strange , eventually it turned out the I went to the factory and the meeting was in the main building which is in a total different place, you may say that it is my fault, Yeah! MAYBE! and this was a total waste of time and resources and I had to reschedule because the other building was in another city !!!but what I am trying to say here that even when we did tried to exchange information they where not enough!! so the point is please DO NOT act like you possess the truth, based on the very few information you got sometime even without make any efforts getting them, because if you did and I did, this only means that we are selfishly in love with ourselves, and do not care really about anything else, then you will be responsible for ruining the community you live in, So please take care!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on August 20, 2013.

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