the Absolute Truth

So! the “Absolute Right” and the Absolute Truth will rise after all…


this is my perception of how the world works!! there are humans, and humans are -you know humans-  always the wrong things can attract them because they have been created like this,we have greed instincts, sinful tenderness, always have that something that can trick our minds and make us do things we may regret afterwards.

and there is God, the creator, and he has to be one and all creations are his so we can link, relate, connect and communicate. He created us yeah!sometimes making good things and sometimes bad things, to learn and to notice and to correct our behaviors, sometimes we will manage it and others we will not because yes! we are humans, we love ourselves, we want to be noticed, appreciated, memorable, that force us to make things sometimes funny and sometimes devastating and we forget why are we here and what are we doing, and then either you get the recognition you sought or not, you will be distracted by the consequences of your actions. as a result of this, people do very impressive thing that sometimes created wars and others created peace .

the history of human being – based on that-  always had and forever will have it’s ups and downs, peace and wars, rich and broke, left and right. so as an example the Arabia Gulf not so many years ago was just a desert and camels, and now it has all the oil therefore they have all the money now. also Germany it used to be a symbol of justified racism but now it is not, everything is normal now. and I want to explain that again this is because humans are dragging everything to degeneration because we are humans we don’t know everything we are not Gods!! and there is a God who always is correcting things up each time the humans corrupt it, this also means something very important, in every conflict or  a war all the conflicting sides are not necessarily possessing the truth and fighting for it, I mean why should they?!, they all could be wrong it happened before -if you looked up the history- and it will happen again, and God will always raise the truth – the absolute truth- elevated, sometimes in a dramatic detour in the events or just by time, and peace will come for sure, you know, until maybe one of the sides claims that they are the reasons for all this peace, and the other side objects and they start to fight again…

you know because we are humans!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on August 19, 2013.

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