How to dream!

TrUe DeStInAtIoN

What do I know about normal life?
Is it shotguns and bombs
Or pianos, guitars and drums
Is it Seeking-peace devotion
Or getting the best education
Are we suppose to fight for peace, or war is the intruder
And who should be in charge the wise man or the murderer
Yes it’s important ..
It’s important, to know how to dream of our futures
And If it will be hurtful or full of raptures
I know it is a violent world,
but I never thought I would see that kind of violence
Every day there’s a war,
and the women, the children get killed in silence
What about the love what about the world peace
What about my kids with the kites by the sea
What about me and my lovely wife touring in Paris
What about the sunset and the autumn leaves
What about the passion in the…

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~ by Abdurhman Issa on August 19, 2013.

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