Redefining the Who I am?

I am a human being called Abdurhman.

I’ve been told that i was born on earth in May first nineteen eighty-seven, and found myself already have classified and categorized,  geographic: Egyptian, religion: Muslim, political: Liberal,…

to the surrounding community of human beings I’m a weirdo, to the closer people -who call themselves my friends- I am interesting, to my sisters I am a creep to my mother I am a good son and to my father I am a disappointment.

I like hearing music, tasting foods, smelling perfumes, touching patterns, and watching lovers and happy kids.

I live my life as an observer, waiting for situations and see how am I gonna react to it and that’s basically how I got into schools, got my friends, had a job….

most of my reactions are physical but the initiator is either an organ called brain or an organ called heart…

my brain and my heart both agree that i came to this earth in this time specifically to do something I don’t know because it is covered until I detach myself from everything but the truth…

the truth can be defined as the not mistakable, the undeniable facts, and I have to search for it…

once I do that “something” I will lose my existence on earth as I finished what I was here for…


everything is a variable and depend on the information had in each particular moment…


~ by Abdurhman Issa on July 27, 2013.

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