Stand up for what I am standing for!!

It is funny how some people say ” if know something right, you must say it, and don’t be a coward” , it is funny because the most bravest thing he actually have to do in this situation is to be a coward and I’ll explain why.

we all – as humans- have 5 senses – at least most of us – smelling, touching, seeing, hearing, and tasting. as you may noticed by now they all are like input devices to collect data and information that construct your own personality and build your own character, and thats what make you different than the others, is that you may saw something or heard something less or more, no two human beings will have access to the same exact data. eventually everyone have his own believes even if we have the same religion, in the smallest details we believe in them differently, as a consequence of this we have different definitions on what is right and what is wrong…

So please imagine with me that there is a communist who believes in Communism , shouldn’t he defend his believes, shouldn’t he try to persuade as much people as he can with his own believes, shouldn’t he have any other party as an enemy because simply they will try to stop him from what he is doing from what is he believing !!!

another example , how can you imagine that you have the right to stop a orthodox missionaries  from inviting others to know god in the way they believe in! ! So what he suppose to do!  tell them how YOU believe in God!!

and what is funny is that most of the people who say that you should defend your believes say this only because they can’t stand to hear something they DON”T believe in

what I’m trying to say that we should be more careful to fill in this mistake and defending what we see right and correct and ignore how others believe,,

I know it is not simple as being said .. but anyway .. i have to say that because it is the right thing to say, Right!!!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on July 19, 2013.

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