Facebook, I don’t blame you!

Facebook, the name of a place that was once a happy place were we used to share our creativeness, share our memories, share what is happening right now, and share what we love the most in this earth from photos videos posts.

a place where we used to connect, connect to old friends, school friends, new friends, even strangers that have something in common .

I used to like Facebook, for me it was a place where people can show appreciation for anything you do, so if you wrote something or captured a video of photo it will be liked and shared and maybe travel across continents.

But, you know, we are humans, we tend to corrupt, contaminate what was once beautiful, we tend to absorb “likes” to become an unbeatable ego, we love to understand “share” as a sign of self-perfection that deserve to be shared, until everything changed to deep worse place full of bullshit that no soul can take.

it become a place where people need to prove that they know, they can do, they have an ideology and that natural progression is the me and you we are different and in my mind i am better than you then you start to search for those who share that way of thinking of yours and deform parties, parties that share hatred to each other, share ignorance, share stupidity, always fighting for who should take the blame instead of correcting actions, arguing about who have the biggest supports, showing off who have the aristocratic followers, and meanwhile what was once ignorant gets more ignorant and what was once corrupted gets more corrupted, and the most of all nothing will get even better.

Facebook now promises the humanity of a dark future, “Likes” will be used to classify people and “Share” will be used to spread rumors and lies, and instead of connecting people, there will be wars and they will be collecting “Likes” for it ,

I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg for this, I blame the people, the people who forgot why are we here on earth, who didn’t stop for 1  minute and think “what the hell are we doing”, who got dragged by their self-ego and saw that it is more important than the surroundings, who can agree on the unnatural to impress somebody…..

for me, I stand somewhere in between, between the thought of how can i change that, stop people from dragging into that , and the thought of letting them, they deserve that!!!


~ by Abdurhman Issa on July 17, 2013.

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