Life, What is it all about?

Well, I met people who are workaholic who make everything in life about work and success and achievements as if that’s how happy people act like but it’s not, really not.
well they should by now have realized that this is not real and work is just a tool that we have to get money to buy food and food also is just another tool to make you live in a good shape
I have recently been thinking a lot , why should we do this and that, why should we have fun and when should we stop having fun, and would it be worth it if we died  suddenly!! because we will eventually!
What I really think is; life is all about getting answers , getting into situations good and bad, experience new things and new feelings, love, hate, travel, hunt, fly, crawl, dive, all to know better, find the hidden truth, that have been hid away from us because of our greed and misbehavior, money and lust, they were enough to distract us away from the very basic information of who we really are, and I think that we have to go out everyday and in each step each new feeling each new experience we get more closely to the truth.
Happy new year everyone!

~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 28, 2012.

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