Money Vs Man

Well Today I got home a little confused

I just received my salary, at my company we have that not so good system that i really don’t like system for delivering the salaries, and that why the problem happened
I got my salary today cash, and the accountant people know that I don’t like this situation, because it doesn’t feel right !! i wait for my turn to go into and office and get an envelope and sign a paper
with ur net salary after the cuts and added amounts and then count the money in front of them, and this is the situation i really try to avoid all the past months because i feel it is humiliating to stand and count a
the money as if it the most important thing in life like if without them i can live like without them i can have fun with my life. and they all approve those things, they trying to convince me that money
is life and i have to do that and count in front f them cause problems happen because of money and it happened

I went to a business diner with an european guy and after we eat we ordered the check and they don’t use credit card and i had cash money because i have just get paid my salary, so i paid, but
when I was counting back what i have left i found them 1k less than the real number !!!
so i got a little confused maybe i counted them wrong so i did it again and yeah there was 1k missing, so i sent a txt message to the accountant guy the I got 1k less, and started thinking some “what
if?” questions

what if someone stole the money from me!
what if they revised and fount out that they were wrong and return the money back?
what if they couldn’t find anything wrong and I didn’t get anything back?
what if they are making fun of me because they know that i hate counting they money in front of them and they wanted to make m e learn a lesson ?
what if what if what if what if what if what if what if what if what if !!!

is this the right question to ask?!!
i mean don’t i just was saying the its humiliating and I hate money?
does it matter now??
Should it matter?
should I learn something now before i got tomorrow to the office and see what went wrong?

i have to review and re call some old memories and thoughts

– two kinds of people one who seek and run after money and the second the one who doesn’t really care a bout money ( and they exist)
well, the first type if they lost any of the money they are seeking they get angry and insecure, they other type not ! if they lost money they don’t care if they gained money well that’s great!!
so who i wanna be
of course the second type.
– God has been always take care of me … specially in money really
people always thing and judge me that I has been raised as a rich kid and I have a rich family because I talk nice and act i dont like money but they have no idea what is really happening and i lend
my father my last month’s salary because of dept problems , they won’t actually believe what is happening really all they can think of that my father is working is KSA and earns a lot of money and
that why i dont care a bout money – but that’s not the real case.
– I always believe that what suppose to be happening regarding the money , that the money should run after me and not the opposite and that’s the case for all the physical and material thing in life,
and what we should seek in life is something more than this not money !! money is a result not a life ambition -at least that how i think
– I have a beautiful journey with money and i should learn something from it
I worked right after my army for only 600 and after 2 months i left them because i didn’t feel good about myself then and a month after that I worked where i am now but at first for 1000 because they
said that they wanted to test me and i should be under probation as a lot of people come and take advantage of them and then they leave the place so I said okay three months later they told me that
they like me i got the double 9 months later I had my last words with my passed boss about my raise because i went to take my salary and i found them more than i should take and nobody talked to me about it, so after i got the money I found him waiting for me and took me to his room telling me if i am happy with the raise or not and I smile to him and said “yeah I am ” , the next day he
had the accident and passed away
– God helped me and i managed to safe for a trip from the money i make to my sister in Malaysia and i spent them all there and get back, saved another amount to buy an expensive decent mobile
phone but then i heard that one of my friends is going to Syria to collect some information about the situation there and i know it is really dangerous and i thought I should give him the money and
wait for the mobile phone and i did, they point is , i managed to be patient wait for alot of months and not spend money to save enough to have fun and I’m still alive!! not died of a hunger or

SO regarding my missing money, I have two scenarios , first go tomorrow see what went wrong and keep persisting to get my money – my right- back
second I see what went wrong but that responsibility of my mistake of not counting the money once i received them and don’t care much about the missing money
these are the choices i have for tomorrow
but next month when i receive my salary and give me my envelope, what am I going to do??


~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 5, 2012.

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