In our always quite neighborhood 

In our always quite neighborhood

their life will never be the same ,
but to us ,
should it continue the same way?
a boy I knew from my little brother, 10 or 11 years old
he’s always playing in our quite street
with his bike
his parents seemed to be bothered from him staying at home
or they just don’t have anything to entertain him at home, or they just don’t care
so he is always playing with his little bike in the streets
the summer vacation,
he made a lot of new friends,
good friends,
bad friends,
but he was that kind of ppl who dosent care or judge if u r bad or good
all he wants is to play,
outside his apartments ,
he came here a couple of time
my Mum was afraid of the responsibility
so she preferred if they play outside ,
outside of her responsibilities,
days pass by,
it is school time
things begin to be a lot quiter than in the summer
people sleep early
but that boy,
waits for the weekend,
to get a chance ,
to play with his little bike,
so on Saterday Oct 13th he went out as usual
but never came back
he fell off his little bike
there was a huge lifter car was driving back wards
and smashed his head
he is no longer exists
he is no longer here
maybe his friends will be expecting him to be in class on Sunday
but he won’t,
his parents life will never be the same
but ours,
should it be the same?

~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 13, 2012.

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