Away from Halal, Haram, Hijab, or any religious related matter, because I don’t consider the Hijab as a symbol of girl’s religious status , I’ve seen so many girls wearing Hijab without understanding what is it? Or because the community impose that wither her parents or the community defines who wear it as a Muslim, but as a result we sometime see girls with Hijab but to them and to us it’s nothing more than an accessory, so I’m not gonna talk about Hijab – thou I love seeing girls wear it considerably- but I’m gonna talk about two types of girls, the good, innocence, spontaneous girl and the acting, fake, normal, society directed, too much girl, let’s just call the first category the good girl and the second the fake girl.

The good girl maybe she wears a Hijab and maybe she’s not, she’s simple, you can know from just listening to her, she speaks normally, doesn’t try to grab attention -she steal it naturally thou- if there’s a strange guy you can sense she’s a little shy, she doesn’t talk much, her clothing is very simple , reasonable, and logistic, maybe she wears a plain shirt and jeans , clean and neat Not classy, just normal, nothing attentive, everything reflects her inner wisdom, inner self confidence, her independence, she force you to respect her not with words but with energy flowing out of her.

Maybe she wears Abaya and Hijab but I would only be a reflection of her independence as her choice from many other choices, nothing incompatible, everything match, always seeking better personality, less mistakes naturally just by believing at them maybe after reading about them in abook or seeing them in a situation or learning them somewhere.

She’s not having so much stress dealing with things, everything works with her and for her, like she’s connected somehow to God and his absolute peace.


The other type which is the fake girl, obviously she’s fake, she’s trying to be someone she’s not, always trying to prove something, always feels she has to prove something, always trying to justify her act with words like style, modern, women are like men, that’s old, wild, independent.

She talks too much and around guys she’s completely different, hyper, talking everywhere, not to just answer a question but more to prove that she’s okay talking to guys -there’s a difference between if it’s really okay and proving it’s okay- proving to be cool mentioning her favorite bands, music, movies without reason, trying t swear a couple of times acting like guys thinking that’s cool, talking loud in public places always trying to prove she’s okay, she fits, she’s cool, she’s independent, she has her own style, she’s someone she’s not, she even may pretend she’s spontaneous, nothing natural, just the normal thinking, doesn’t seek being better always seek approval, and I’m pretty sure that she can’t get a long with her parents or people living at home with her, because they KNOW she’s pretending ad she doesn’t listen to them calling herself independent.

Her clothing is attentive like too may colored layers or too much huge accessories, weird long cawboy boots, sometimes a Hijab but with weird colors and weird wearing style all that without any reasonable or logistic reason, Love to make public scenes like running at malls, laughing loud or talking with a fake accent, saying the word “Merci” just in front of strangers and that her credit from the French vocabulary.

That’s how I see girls one of these previous two types.

Wassalamo Alikom A rahmato Allahi Wa Barakatoh



~ by Abdurhman Issa on March 29, 2011.

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