The Ignorance Effect!!

I was thinking about the cause of the existence of the creatures I revered to in my previous post “Viro!!” and I’m pretty sure now that their existence is intended, I want you to imagine a world without them, imagine that the percentage of ignorance in Egypt equals zero% , away from the long term accomplishment in politics economy social statues to the results in our daily life like what would the markets look like? So style and classy, and the dirty public vegetable markets won’t exist and even if it did it would be clean smell good excellent vegetable presentation and you would love to go buy from there Is there will be “Central Security Soldiers”?! I don’t think so ’cause they’ll refuse to take orders and apply it like robots, they will recognize right from wrong ,uncontrollable, have dignity, have dreams, can’t be any use for someone evil greedy want to execute good manner out of people from his own country!!…

And we’ll be only one community saying No in the face of the unfairness, directed toward the light to the good ’cause the other way is unnatural, the human value will reach it’s position and creativity appears and explode colors over the people and the city and the country then we’ll start to invent, design, create and compete India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, then Turkey, Italy, Spain, then Germany, France, Russia, then America, and Japan then we become everything , anybody wishes to be Egyptian anybody dreams to talk to one, for the kids Egypt is fun, for the teens Egypt is cool, for the mid-ages Egypt is classy, for the oldies Egypt is historical .

This is Egypt that I want to be a part of …

This is Egypt that I’ll work for …

because this is Egypt that I dream of.


~ by Abdurhman Issa on March 12, 2011.

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