And the music went dead!!!

__Jan23 2011


A man returned back home late at night

Sneaking in without making noise without turning light

But his wife was waiting in the dark to start a fight

As the fight begins,

the serenity and the peace escaped the night


And upstairs there was a 10 years old kid

Supposed to be immersed in the limitless dreams and the warmth of the bed

But his parent’s voice was so loud so he stayed awake instead

In the corner of his room, shaking, and his hands on his head

Wondering, “why this is happening, is it something I did?!!”

And as may other nights he sneaked downstairs,

his parents won’t notice him he guessed

Walked into the kitchen,

looking for the little chair to use it as a step

Opening the drawer, looking in, searching “where is it?!”

He picked up the torch and upstairs in a hurry he went

Got inside his bedroom in silence but his cheeks are wet

And all the toys on the chest of drawer he swept

Even his favorite, Spiderman  in his blue and red

he climbed up , reached for the window, then he sit

Opening it, and the cold air attacked him but it was unintended

Lighted on his torch, directed it to the dark sky and the music went dead

Staring out at the black sky,

tears showed up,

without blinking with his eye lid

Clenching  his jaws,

and “please, Please, PLEASE” he said



~ by Abdurhman Issa on March 12, 2011.

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