Don’t know?!! I feel it’s like an under world, their creatures are exactly like ours but different interests, directions, way of thinking, way of cooking, they even have their own language , yeah they live here in Egypt among us but we didn’t notice them we didn’t notice what beyond!!!

When we see them talking or singing or walking we look at each other and laugh and point at them as if we are watching animals in a zoo

I discovered that they do too, when they see us they laugh sometime we’re animals to them, sometimes envy, sometime animals they wanna be, we are two way different world live with each other living separately, and it’s not the money that make that difference they may have money but still buy cheap no-brand glasses and wear it full of ego as if it’s ray-ban, they do drugs and alcohol, the women in their society treated like a washing machine sometimes like a pig and that not the worse, the worse is that the women there are okay with that!!!!!

They are easy to control easy to convince easy to direct easy to _ laugh at, and they LOVE Mustache!!, their songs’ lyrics are about using drugs, they watch porn in public without any kind of embarrassment

We have different definitions for the word “Man” to our kind a Man is responsible, caring, decision maker, understanding . To their kind a man has a complicated qualities like he doesn’t sleep on his belly, doesn’t put his hands on his waste while standing, doesn’t chew gum, able to collect girls phone numbers, hit on girls as much as he can, must be turned on by and kind of a female even if it’s a cow, who can torture his woman make her his slave, whose not afraid of the cops, who can drink 6-pack of beer, who can keeps friend’s dirty secrets (cheating-killing-stealing….)

I don’t know what is the reason behind the existence of these two communities is it education, money, social services!!! I don’t think so, if you focused on their behavior you’ll discover that they are filled with the 7 sins actually they are the 7 sin ( Lust, Envy, Greed, anger, pride, gluttony, sloth)  why is that??!!!! And what’s behind it if it’s because they have no religion or principles, or rules maybe but still why they don’t have religion, principles, or rules is it the sloth, pride???!!! Well, can all that have an end?!!! They are dangerous that way I want them to be more I don’t know, are they have to be a part from a healthy world? Is it real that nature must have those to move on?! To create events?!!! Yeah _MAYBE, then I HAVE to put them in a plan, cuz I feel pity for them and I have no other options.


~ by Abdurhman Issa on March 10, 2011.

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