Love is the water (Beautiful mess)


I am a room filling up with water

I was okay till it reached I’s quarter

Then I started to think what if it reached the border

What will happen if it keeps getting higher and higher?!!

Will the door handle it?!! Handel the pressure?!!!

But…it kept pouring in water

And I can’t open the door now, I gotta be smarter

I know, it would be a mess, unfair, and even crueler

Now I just have to be a locked door, a container

Till I become ready to take the responsibility, be come a decision maker

Become a mess-to-garden transformer

Become faster, become stronger

And it’ll take a while, and I know time is getting slower

It’s always like that, when you wait for something to be, you count the hours

But I’m afraid of something that might happen in the future

That the door lock rust and become tougher

And the water be trapped in no way to exit or enter

No!! I don’t wanna be a monster

But I don’t really know what will happen in the future

So I’d rather leave these thoughts behind my shoulder

And start to think about now and not later

There’s no pure evil in our world it has a controller

Whose names are from mercy, peace, and giver

So I gotta have a link with him through a prayer

And the room will open one day…

And it will be a beautiful mess…

And we’ll be together


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 30, 2010.

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