***y Thoughts 4!!!


-28 days here, All what I’m allowed to see outside the door is the door itself, apart of me is glad that I did it without getting nuts-as i think-and part of me is sick of hearing the noises ppl here make while eating, opening their mouths allowing everybody to watch the whole process of chewing, and the most disgusting thing that they actually see nothing wrong with it and I’m the weirdo who doesn’t enjoy it, eating like a camel.

-28 days are the same number of the days I didn’t see my own face, i didn’t notice till yesterday that there is lack of mirrors here and i can’t remember that i saw my own face, but it doesn’t matter it’ll be surprise.

-Only I ask from Allah, as You showed me these kind of ppl plz show me the opposite -in Japan hope- wa Allaho El mosta’an. 😉


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 26, 2010.

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