Air is layers!!!

The peace of the sky intersected

Plane digging in the solid of air

People travelling for different purposes

People from all different ages

All are quite, waiting though they’re in rush

Waiting for the plane to land on the lowest layer of air

Putting on seat belts, following instructions

Trusting a stranger man, people call him pilot

Tries to teach his
mechanical bird to touch the ground

People are happy with it

Feeling relieved, a weight has been lifted

Now it’s time to put another

The mother earth being cheated

By working robots, cyborgs

With a glimpse from the past

Memories of being humans thinking

It was a busy rushing day

Feeling something missing

Either their lives should be more or different than this

Faking smiles, pretending happy though the 10 work hours

Buying groceries on their way back home

looking up at the sky hoping for signs or answers

Watching that flying plane

Wondering why and complaining about

Being on the lowest layer of the air


~ by Abdurhman Issa on February 17, 2010.

One Response to “Air is layers!!!”

  1. (Y) i cant tell you how much i loved it bro…bgd insightful and well spoken and written…Proud of you.(^_^)

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