I want my Oscar!!

I think we are much of an actors, I mean, we see them everyday every time on TV and say things like oooh cool and stuff but in fact I think we all are actors, do you remember how you act in front of your parent when u got low grades at school and convinced them either u passed or the teachers are the guilty ones!!, trying to escape reality and the facts that u were goofing around and didn’t study that much, yeah I called that acting!! Cuz if it’s not u would studied back then.

And do u remember the people u don’t like and how u greet them, the hand shaking and the big fake smile and all the fake questions u just made up and don’t really give a shit about their answers like "how are u?, where u’ve been?" and always ALWAYS u end up the conversation with "see ya "or "I gotta see u again" or " it was great to see u", the whole AFKE situation was pretty much good acting cuz on the other hand people are so convinced and satisfied with whatever u say, doesn’t it?!

The big role u all know it yes in the engagement period , u get really deep into the character of the loving kinda romance guy or girl and pretty much forget about ur real regular life style and how u dress and how u speak , I mean really good acting like 85% the girl get convinced and accept u as her husband, soul mate, or whatever.

My point is we know much about acting without knowing, and sometimes we give some random actor an applause or something as credit for his role in a movie, and u know what!! u could be him, u could be that Oscar winning man the only difference between u and him, he did it in front of a camera, and u, You my friend did it in your own life.


~ by Abdurhman Issa on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “I want my Oscar!!”

  1. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed w gamdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! fb kman yabniiiiiiiiiiii 😀 you have a gift and you should share it more :)) proud of the development i see happening within you….the great man within is showing little brother :)))

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