Once upon a time, I was a kid

I remember the Afternoon after coming back from school

I remember Before even changing I used to run to the TV to catch my favorite cartoon show

I remember how the sun ray sneak into our small room

I remember the school and my friends then and the games we used to play , childish but soo pure , nothing was wrong

I remember the 2 channel and why I used to love it cuz it was streaming English shows , e7’tarna lak,, Oscars,

I remember Mam walking me to school

I remember when Dad came back and we thought he’s ur uncle

I remember when we were going to my father’s family in Alex and weather there

I remember the smell of the wind opens my window every morning

I remember Nady el fata el muslim, the Arkket , football, and fights with the older guys

I remember how lame I was to my sisters

I remember my first three friends Hamed, Yasser, Abdurhman Mahmoud

I remember when I wrote my name in my first the exam Abdurhman El rahim

I remember when I was taking "rob3 geneh masroof"

I remember Tifo -Abdurhman Mahmoud then- and the club we used to go when we were kids

I remember waiting the red car of Tifo’s Sister out of our balcony

I remember my Mum’s Mum and the roof with all the chicks and ducks

I remember our first small apartment with 1*2 bathroom

I remember our first TV set and it was only 14 inches

I remember when dad bought me a bike and one for himself to teach me how to ride it

I remember back when I never cared about when, why, what, how or how much




~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 12, 2009.

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