A day not for myself!!

My little brother he wanted to go out with his new friends at school and I always tell him excuses that I can, I’m lazy, and I was like it’s so not me, I mean I can’t talk like them and they have that really beautiful world that they live in, anyway, by chance one of the Childs’ fathers was taking his son for a trip and invited my little brother to join them, my brother was a little worried they are strangers and stuff like that and he wanted someone he knew to come with him and it was me.

Trying to get out of "me" and do something different and not for myself and experience how does it feel, so I went , with two fathers and five kids , it was a little weird for me that I hadn’t anyone to talk to but it was fine this day is not for me it’s about everyone to enjoy, we went to the Egyptian museum and to the Ahly club, and I am pretty sure that everyone had enjoyed, including "me" .



~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 8, 2009.

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