They were!!

It was a beautiful
world then

friends respected u
and ppl envy u for having them

Day after day, they
grow up but I didn’t

Hanging as usual and
I realized that I hate them one day

Cuz they won’t treat
me the same way then

Day after day that
day finally came

I thought I was
wrong, I hoped I was wrong

But I wasn’t

They became that
selfish monsters

Looking for only
what they want, ignoring how others feel

selfishly they think
it’s their right to be that way 

To avoid, not share
fun, distrusting you

Felt once like I
have to tell them, and I did

Hoping they wouldn’t
make excuses, and they did

I guess I did what I
have to, now I’m on my own

Wishing someone
finds me


~ by Abdurhman Issa on November 2, 2009.

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