Family And Other People

I guess my dream is to spread happiness around the world and if u kept an eye on my you’ll notice that, the problem is I don’t treat my family the same like they’re not included in my dream, and I’ve been thinkin for while why am I doing that ??

I mean if someone should feel happy it would be better if they are my family.

So what’s happening?!!

I’ve noticed something maybe it’s because I am being judged -a lot- by them, and that’s not just "being judged" for me, I think now that I started with them to make them happy and maybe they are the main reason establishing that dream, but something happened!!

I wanted so badly for this family to be happy cuz this particular family have ways put you outta mood

So I started with sacrifices but I got back.. Let’s just say my sacrifices considered as ………..

I think that’s why I turned to the other people.

To Be Continued…


~ by Abdurhman Issa on October 6, 2009.

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