Plz forgive me Dad

i failed in two subjects….am that close to commit somethin stupid and i dun care..
well ma Dad..he’s all what i think about and just thinkin makes me confused …i feel like i dumped him ..well i did..and i think he’ll start now to think that am a shame to him…he always wanted to see me a successful guy who can deal with anything so he can talks to the companies he knows and tell’ em about his successful son that should be hired in one of these companies …but now he’ll dump me as well i guess …and i dunn blame him at all..they just don’t deserve that from me….
i never give up i’ll do my best in this semester and i’ll try to keep a little faith in me’s all on my own now …and someday ISA i’ll make my parents proud of me..ISA I WILL 


~ by Abdurhman Issa on February 23, 2008.

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