Return Clean

dunno what’s happen ..i mean i wasn’t the person i am now…i was able to solve any problems in ma college, in ma personal issues, everything ..i used to had  principles .
now nothin there …nothin i left for me….i erased every good thing i had made ..all the good things are past now ….and dunno what to do ….i wanna replace my brain only if i could…..i wanna smash it’s the cause of what am i now…it filled with crap now……nothin real nothin important…i feel like am a cosmic castaway….no i know that i am the cosmic castaway….i care about crap now …i wish i know how can i left all this behind ……..start from scratch….a pretty new page ..and knowin what exactly what i want ..i used to know before ………i feel drownin even when i lay on ma bed….when i look at the dark sky i wish if am there alone ..or in the middle of the ocean….i deserve that ..i know that may erase my mistakes….and return clean…..


~ by Abdurhman Issa on December 22, 2007.

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