it’s seems to be the time, it’s my time to be a man.i mean to be a responsible man.i’ll gonna talk bout my state.

i lived alone with my sister for 6  months till now and i still take my loans or my pocket money from my dad !!!!

i’m 20 years old now i’ve gone to company before yesterday fro get opportunity to get training there .it wan an interview and i can’t tell ya that i was bad it wasn’t but it also wasn’t pretty good there was some mistakes!!that i was talkin to him about all the"get out of Egypt thing" and i told him that i can’t speak English so good,that made me feel less confidant and that was the worst . But i still have that weird feelin that they gonna pick me up for the training.

Anyway i’ve talk to my dad today bout that and told me to call some of his friends to make sure that i’ll be accepted ISA.All these things made me think that

i’m gonna really be a responsible guy can take care of myself,and i think that all i have to do right now is to think bout my comin life,what it gonna look like???,How i want it to look like??

So i gatta go by now…..AND ALLAH WHO’S HELPS US



~ by Abdurhman Issa on June 21, 2007.

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