What am thinkin about !!!!!!

Hey every one, right now i little confused about myself cuz of my way of thinkin has changed and i dunno if it 2 the better or not.
there is many things just came in my brian and make me diffecult to make a dissision in my own life.like, I love american TV shows like scrubs,friends,8 simple rules, etc but i also know that there princibales are totaly diffrent from ours and am sure too that our principales the islamic principales are the good one but there is no islamic show that can attract u cuz of the islamic countrys have its own problems as u know and not intersting to make a movie or show i mean islamic ones cuz they afraid of the american and isrealian presure againest the islam allegation that the islam is a terrorist and of course all these allegations are wrong but according to there plans.
So.. What i wanna do?!!and What i should do??!! these must be the same and iam workin on it..SALAM

~ by Abdurhman Issa on February 3, 2007.

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