The Silent War

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emphasizing “the want” ignoring “the need”, sedate the conscious when it needs to be sedated, giving up to the inevitable life seduction thinking that its more powerful than we can be, choosing by our own will the path everyone else’s choosing because it’s easier than committing to detach from the surrounding, a fake brightness attracting us into a black hole, and yes we know it’s a black hole and there is no coming back.

Illusions made by celebrities faking good hearts to increase views, illusions made by technologies faking time saving by dragging us further from the abstract meaning of human soul only creating more room for more hatred.

Matrices, algorithms to provoke our animalistic insecurities and grow it to dominate . It’s easier now than ever to be dragged under the materialistic umbrella, we are less appreciative to what matters and more appreciative to what doesn’t .

Seeking entertainment because we know we are miserable we know we fucked up , watching others preform out of a scripted enhanced targeted acts and project it to our lives to live a lie.

Of course it’s expensive to learn how to fit in a world like this not only with monetized education that teaches how to target others’ life savings but with us deceived with our gazing eyes looking at the bright light at the end of the tunnel that doesn’t seem to get any closer.


The Life We Live In!

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What does it mean to die? And if we will die, what’s after?

And what can prove that what we have now isn’t a dream and dying is actually waking up in the real life.
Sometimes we dream dreams that feel so alive and true and while dreaming we can’t tell if it’s a dream compared to what we feel after waking up , so Does this life -while we are awake- considered to be the real life just because we think we spend longer time in it?
What if this is not true and the other one the one we consider a dream is the real one and we spend there the same amount of time we spend in this life it’s just our minds deny it and above its realization because of the limitations of our capabilities that we keep pushing inside our conscious since the day we came into this world

And if all this is true which is better this life or the one after dying ? The only way to find out is by dying, but until then lets watch this one very closely live every moment of it be careful with the choices we will have so we will be able to compare it fairly with the other life.

Don’t need to be saved

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My eyes are adjusted to the dark
Soaked in rain splashing water in every step
Doesn’t matter in which direction I walk
I always end up at the same place
Always follow the rules but life is always cheating
I get so tiered I just melt into any wet wall

People laugh at me trying to make me feel bad
Not sure though if I should feel offended
Long time since I saw anyone’s laughing anyway
But I check the mirror when I get the chance
My memories are blurry so just in case
I check If I’m wearing a clown make up

Maybe it’s a sin I did in another life
Maybe sins I will do in the future
Maybe sins I’m denying
Maybe they are sins I don’t remember
And maybe this is just how life looks like
So I don’t need to be saved

It’s alright, Nobody looks happy anyway
It’s alright, maybe you have to learn something
It’s alright maybe it’s just a bad dream
I’m sick of it but trying to stay faithful
or this is just another form of denial

it is the way it is even if I don’t like it
And I got used to it, it’s kinda my taste
I will pretend that I have a purpose
It’s different though because I’m not one of you
It’s either to accept it or stay lost forever
Zombies do exist but they look like me

Good Vs. Evil

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Good and evil are variables of time 

If there was only good or only evil the world would have been static, only 3 dimensional , only 3D representations of things that could move only if there was good versus evil 

The battles the fights create sorrow, revenge, grief along with new colors new shapes new needs new feelings new hopes and new dreams 

Only good doesn’t work, doesn’t produce new creations and inventions, only good is pointless, boring and not exciting, only good is mono, is one directional. Only good is a steady state, only good is action without a reaction, only good means smiling without happiness, means only one facial expression, how can you measure things if there’s no variations starts with good and ends with evil?

So all that assures that the existence of evil is essential! So the question now why not be the essential factor that is the reason of making this would keep moving forward! Why not be evil?

And if that evil is essential and we need it to recognize the good, why we punish it?! 

See! actually there’s no good and evil and this discrimination is set by humans to satisfy their needs of having control! So they reward the good and punish the evil, I say that because the evil acts are good in the evils’ minds and stay evil in the goods’ minds , so what is the criteria we use to define good and evil? Even if there is a criteria like a religion or something it will not work unless all the people use the same criteria and this is impossible and that only means that there will be a war between “good” and “evil” forever!

So what am I supposed to do now am I suppose not to fight what I judge as an evil? Yes you have to fight it but before that you need to understand it at least try to, to reach the core of that conflict between good and evil in that point and eliminate it to go take care of another point, See! Because what counts is your care and intention toward the community that have both good and evil and not proving yourself as a good or your opponent as an evil, the point is not the discrimination itself but the causes of these differences you both have, the point is not to feel good that you are on the good side but to feel bad that you all are not on the same side….that’s what counts. 

the missing truth I

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Doesn’t matter what’s the color of an angel

Because they’re bright as the sun

Doesn’t matter how much what you have,

So much many is the same as none


People die, people forget

People lie, and love to predict



Nowhere to go nowhere to hide

But anyway, unconsciously, you just run

Hope is tricky because Nothing to find

And clock is ticking with marching drums


People die, people forget

People lie, and love to predict


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There are people born to be different, they don’t act just like anybody else, they have that urge inside of them to break familiarity, to run through hard thick walls, they don’t give a shit about what others may think of them, they always want to climb high and jump, run fast nothing can stop them, dive deep down and dare the pressure, their mind set are flexible to try anything new but not flexible to believe others bullshit, they are so honest and spontaneous that intimidate others, they are not afraid to learn and they not afraid to move on, they are less attached to the phony live people stuck in, they are their own masters, they make the rules, they break the rules, they are deep, they are aware, they know the times they should fight, and the other times when they don’t care, people envy them and they don’t even notice, they know that one day they will die, so they just want to listen more, taste more, see more, feel more and smell more.

Happy birthday

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I totally forgot that today is my birthday though I was waiting for that day to make new decisions for the new year as always, and one more thing, I honestly don’t know how many years I am 26, 27, 28 years old one of those I need to check.


A wise man once said to me “you can’t live with a culture in a different culture” and he meant that I have a different culture other than the Egyptian one and it not right to think this way while I live among people with different culture than me.


That was in the middle of a discussion and an argument we were having -me and that wise man- but only this culture statement what stuck in my mind and I thought about it for few days if it’s right or wrong and here what I think.


I don’t think that those are two different cultures I think that the oriental and the western- everything is developing even thought and thinking patterns, and that what happened as in the oriental culture they still in the denial and superstitious believes , the other have passed it and they are more honest more aware of their behaviors and feeling , so what I think is the one is the advanced version of the other , and also I think that the oriental culture is progressing slowly, as they still lots of distraction yet to be aware of the true and the reality, every time I hear or read the term doublethink I get fully convinced that all Egyptians are double thinking and I don’t need to persuade you, all you need is to listen to any of them.


Anyway this is my birthday and my plans are very simple: detach more, and to go somewhere inspiring this year .